Saturday, January 15, 2011

Los Perros de San Pedro y San Jose

Yesterday, as I was waiting for my bus to downtown San Pedro, I saw a dog trot merrily up to the crosswalk. His owner was nowhere in sight, but I recognized him as one that hangs around the auto-mechanic shop kiddicorner to my house. I was instantly terrified that he would run straightaway across the street and be hit one of the two impending taxis, but instead he stopped, looked both ways, and waited for the taxis to pass before commencing his walk across the street. As he reached the middle a new taxi rounded the corner. He instantly stopped, as if to let the taxi pass, but the driver slowed and waved him on. The dog bowed his head and sprinted across the remainder of the street.

Apparently the dogs here are allowed to roam free on such a regular basis that they have learned basic traffic safety and communication skills with members of oncoming traffic.

Well done, perros.